Colin lives by the sea in Cornwall. He loved to draw and paint ever since he could hold a pencil and brush. Now he paints the beauty of the world around him, mostly in oils on canvas. Recently he's been painting Cornish lighthouses and the coastline.

Cornish lighthouses
Japanese Anenome.jpg

Beauty is everywhere - we just need to slow down...and look. Hedgerow plants and flowers caught Colin's eye. So he put them in glass vases and painted them too. 

The Cornish port of Falmouth is home for Colin. Its passageways (known locally as 'Opes') became a theme for painting. A series about the promise of light at the end of dark places and times.

Barracks Ope
Put Out Into Deep Water

Water is always changing - it's movement, refractions and reflections - all dependent on light and surroundings. Colin is a master at painting the essence of this, inspired by personal retreats on Lindisfarne, as well as his beloved home of Cornwall. 

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