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Born in 1957 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, my father was an amateur artist and I soon picked up the love of art for myself, deciding to make this my career whilst at school in Falmouth. In the early 1970’s I trained as a technical illustrator, then worked for 20 years as an airbrush artist for advertising agencies and design companies in the UK and Canada.


These past skills and experience now informs my fine art practice: sketching in various media and painting in oils on canvas and paper.

Colin in the studio
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The beauty of the world around inspires me, present within all things: landscape, the sea, a still life or the inherent beauty in people. All held in the interplay of light, mood and composition. I am compelled to slow down and look more closely – to truly see those things we can often pass by unnoticed.

Awareness of the spirituality of the subject is vital too; be that a place, a plant or flower, a glass vase, or an inspirational piece of music. Glimpses of the ever-present Sacred. 

The act of painting is then an interpretation of what I see and sense. This involves the texture of the paint, the process of mixing the colours on the palette, and of course, the painting!

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