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High quality limited edition prints give you a reproduction as close to the original as currently possible. We use exceptional quality digital prints of the original paintings, using the giclee process. ‘Giclee’ (zheclay) is derived from the French word meaning "squirt" and is known in art circles as a digital method of reproducing fine art. The original painting is scanned directly, allowing for accurate reproduction of all the subtle tones and hues of the oil paint. The giclee prints are then produced on large format inkjet printers capable of producing millions of colours using digital technology. High-quality, archival papers are used, formulated to protect the colours of your print for hundreds of years. The specialist printing inks are guaranteed lightfast for at least 75 years. This printing process is trusted by the world’s leading fine artists to reproduce and create original artwork. All prints are signed by the artist

The Call to Fly mounted print

  • Print image size 50x50cm

    Mount size 73x73cm

    Mount colour is buff

  • included

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